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4 New Year’s Eve Traditions That Bring Wealth

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the New Year. With so many different cultures, traditions and ways to welcome the coming year, there is no end to the special and unique ways people commemorate the passing of another year.

If you’re the type to either host or attend a New Year’s Eve party, you’re going to need a little cash in your pocket to do it right. As a party host, you’ll need plenty of food, beverages, and other traditional party supplies. If you’re a partygoer, you’ll need a fabulous outfit, a mani/pedi, and to bring some bubbly for the host.

However, if you’d rather keep it simple and low-key for the new year, you might celebrate on a smaller scale at home with some snacks and a chat about your New Year's resolutions. On the other hand, if things are tight in the money department, you might choose to work this festive holiday. 

No matter how you decide to spend the last day of the year, you can still set the stage for a prosperous New Year with these smart and easy strategies to put some extra cash in your pocket: 

Take Polaroid Photos For Strangers

If you have a Polaroid camera handy, you could make some easy cash by taking pictures for people who are out on the town celebrating at area bars and restaurants. Chances are, if they’re dressed up and having fun, they’ll most likely be willing to pay you $5 or $10 per Polaroid for a fun memento.

You can even create a fun memento for yourself by sneaking a few photos of your own. Who knows, maybe you can even start a side business doing this throughout the year?

Get Paid to Drive Some Nice Vehicles

Are you a good driver? Do you know how to provide top-notch customer service? Try securing a gig as a valet for New Year’s Eve. Chances are that happy revelers will be more generous with their tips if you bring their car back to them in good shape with a smile on your face. The cash is good, the pace is fast and what’s more fun than driving exotic and expensive cars? 

Clean Someone’s Home

For the many people preparing to host a New Year’s Eve party this year, there will be plenty of hosts who would rather bypass the cleaning aspect of their party preparations. They’re already so busy dealing with things like coordinating food, hanging decorations, and finalizing the guest list, many hosts are scrambling for help getting their houses in order. By offering your services for less than the going rate, you can probably make some fast cash, and maybe they’ll even hire you back in the future.

Get Paid to Be a Friend

Are you an outgoing person who gets along with anyone? If so, you could be paid to be someone’s friend on New Year’s Eve. Sites like Rent A Friend will pay you anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour to become someone’s best buddy for the night. That could especially help someone who is new in town, or needs a companion to show them around or attend a work or family function. 

How to Get the Money You Need Right Now

New Year’s Eve can be an incredibly fun and memorable time of the year. It’s a great time to reflect on how you’ve spent your year and start making plans for the upcoming one. It’s also a chance to think about different ways you could improve your financial situation in the coming year.

Of course, if you need emergency money right away, you always have the option of getting a title loan. This could be a particularly good option for people who are struggling to make ends meet or who are struggling to pay for an emergency expense. After all, New Year’s is a time for new beginnings and leaving the mistakes of the past year behind us.