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4 Ways to Pay Off Auto Title Loans Faster

Trying to get your title loan paid off quicker? If you are, you are probably aware that paying down your loan faster can save you tons of money. If your title loans are keeping you from saving, investing or just moving up the ranks in your financial status altogether, consider these 4 easy ways to help pay off your auto title loans faster. 

Drive for Uber or Lyft

When it comes to making easy money, people are finding that employment at transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft are well-worth the extra miles on their cars. It’s very simple to set up and the rewards are immediate. Picking up folks in your neighborhood who need a ride is a simple, yet helpful way to make extra money on the go, literally.

Have a Yard Sale

If you need some extra cash to pay off your auto title loan, throwing a yard sale may do the trick.  Yard sales are the perfect way to declutter your home while making yourself a few extra bucks in the process. You might even finally get to meet some friendly folks from around your neighborhood.

Start off by digging through your closet, garage, and even your attic to collect your inventory. Then, price everything and set up shop. Be sure to advertise on Craigslist or with signs near your home. You will be surprised to find how much extra cash you can put in your pocket to pay off your title loan.

Pick Up Some Odd Jobs

There’s no harm in picking up some odd jobs to make the extra cash you need to get your auto title loans paid quicker. There’s plenty of jobs you can do for friends, neighbors, and family. Offer them your services for a small fee and see where it goes. Everybody you know could probably use some help here and there and they’d even pay you for efforts. Simple acts of service like mowing somebody’s lawn, babysitting their kids, running errands or maybe even fixing something that’s broken at their house could equate to more cash in your pocket to pay off your title loan.


Freelancing is in the same vein as picking up odd jobs, though more on a professional level. If you have a skill set you could apply to help out an actual company or client with their needs, the money is a lot better and in some cases, you may even land yourself a full-time staff position in the process. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing most?

Think about these things and then hop on your computer to look up freelance jobs that are available in your area. You’d be surprised to find how easy picking up freelance work can be. You could even make freelancing a regular thing by fitting those extra jobs into your existing work day. By doing this, you could have your auto title loans paid off in no time at all.

Pick one of these 4 ways to earn extra money and take control of your financial status today. By exercising these ideas, you’ll quickly find that overcoming any financial rut is a simple as having a go-getter attitude with a little bit of effort to go with it. So, go ahead and start paying down your title loan today.

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