5 Things College Students Are Using Title Loans For

December 14, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

While college students have a bright future ahead of them, increased tuitions and limited government aid is making the road to a degree increasingly more difficult and uncertain for them. The fact is, college is fast becoming prohibitively expensive for many. Textbooks alone can cost over a thousand dollars per semester.


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While financial aid is available to help pay ever-increasing tuition costs, these limited funds don’t quite cut it. Today, more and more college students are turning to title loans to help cover their expenses. Here’s what a surprising number of college students are using title loans for:


As mentioned before, books can cost upwards of a thousand dollars per semester. When it comes time to buy books for the coming semester but funds are low, a title loan could help relieve the financial tension.


Aside from books, supplies are also needed. Notebooks, pens, pencils, a computer, and software are just some of the things most students are required to have before starting class. This isn’t a cheap shopping list; especially when it comes to computer hardware and software. Title loans could help fund a college student’s supply list, especially in an emergency.

Title loans by nature can be secured in a matter of minutes at a local title loan store with only minimal required items to complete the approval process. In this way, students don’t have to worry about being underprepared on the first day of class.

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Room and Board

Many college students are living away from home and need a place to stay while pursuing their education. The money needed for an on-campus dorm or an apartment can be just as expensive as their tuition. If a student is struggling to pay their rent on time, a title loan could offer a way to get the rent paid on time so they can focus on their studies instead of worrying about eviction.


Believe it or not, food is a big bill that many people overlook. No matter where you’re at in life, you need to eat. When college students are burdened with bills for classes, supplies, books, and rent, buying healthy nutritious food often takes a back seat. Fortunately, title loans could help ease those hunger pangs quickly so they can focus on learning.


Finally, travel is an expense that most college students have to deal with. As previously mentioned, a lot of college students are away from home and need money to head home during breaks in the school year. Nobody wants to spend the holidays in a college dorm room. But gas, plane tickets or even train rides can get expensive. Title loans could help students get to where they need to go and enjoy their break from the books.


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Though college comes with its own set of stressful financial challenges, title loans are often used during times of financial struggle in general. If you’re a car owner and in need of extra cash in a hurry, title loans are a viable option. Visit your local Fast Auto Loans, Inc. store for more information on title loans and how they could help you.