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7 Affordable Gifts That Will Give Dad a Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to show dad how much you care by getting him a little something to brighten his day and spending some quality time together. If you’re on a budget or paying down debts like credit cards or title loans, you probably don’t want to go all out with a pricey watch or an expensive dinner, but there are plenty other affordable options out there that still show how much you care about “dear old dad.” Here are 7 great gift ideas for under $50 that are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face this Father’s Day.

A T-Shirt

When in doubt about what to get somebody on their big day or any holiday for that matter, a t-shirt never fails. T-shirts are affordable and there’s an infinite number of styles, prints and colors to choose from. Wal-Mart sells men’s t-shirts for as little as $5, and whether your dad is into sci-fi, animals, humor, music, movies, etc., there’s a shirt for just about anything you can think of. Plus, the thing about t-shirts is, you really can never have too many of them.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker is an extremely popular and handy little gadget that’s priced at just over $20 in most stores. This nifty breakfast-making machine makes a hearty and delicious ham, egg and cheese sandwich to start the day off right in just 5 minutes. Save dad the time it takes to pull into the McDonald’s drive-thru on his way to work with this practical and affordable Father’s Day gift.

A Barbeque Tool Set

If dad enjoys spending time out back at the grill flipping burgers, he’s sure to love a brand-new barbeque tool set. Barbeque toolsets go for anywhere between $15 to $30 at most departments stores and come with everything dad needs to grill up some delicious burgers and sizzling hot dogs for the family. If you want to go the extra mile, throw in a new grill brush to really make his day

A Home Repair Tool Kit

Is your dad a handyman? Whether he’s a skilled craftsman or a DIY novice, a home repair tool set will give him almost everything he needs to properly maintain the old homestead. Tool sets come in a variety of configurations and some are substantially more comprehensive and costly than others. But if your dad’s like most, a standard toolset from your local department store (like Sears, Target or Wal-Mart) will be sure to have reasonably priced tool sets with everything he needs to keep up with the house.

A Beard Bib

Though it may not be the most traditional of Father’s Day gifts, if your dad has a beard that needs trimming, a beard bib is just the thing to help him keep the sink clean and clog-free. Beard bibs are a smock-like device that dad wears to catch whiskers when he’s shaving. Beard bibs are priced between $10 and $30 dollars and you find a variety of them available on Amazon.com.

A Facial Hair Trimmer

If your dad has a beard or other facial hair, getting him an electric beard trimmer for his big day could be a great choice. Beard trimmers run for about $20 to $50 online or at any department store. Even if your dad doesn’t have facial hair, beard trimmers are still great for keeping his hair neat between cuts and for keeping any unwanted hair at bay. He’ll love it either way.

Care Package

If nothing else, get creative and put together a nice care package for dad. Get a basket or a bucket and fill it with stuff he’ll love, like a big coffee mug, some snacks he likes, a DVD, etc. Sometimes a bunch of little gifts are even better than one big one, so jot down a list of things you know your dad would enjoy and put together a special something he’ll really love. It’s always the thought that counts and the last thing your father would ever want would be you going into debt to buy him a present.