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Balancing Family Life with Work

July 13, 2018 | By Peyton Sawyer

Balancing family life with work is not always the easiest thing to do. Families today are very different from years ago. Back when our parents and grandparents were young, the father of the family would work, while the mother stayed home to raise the children and take care of the house. Today, every household is different. Whether you come from a single parent home or a home that has both parents, chances are the parents are working while the kids are left home to fend for themselves.

With the cost of living being on the rise, it is next to impossible to raise a family without spending endless hours at work. Years ago, families raised larger families on a single income, and they were able to make ends meet. Why is that? Beside the cost of living being higher, more and more children are attending private schools, going off to college, and to be honest, spoiled and indulged by their parents. Many children today are playing on cell phones by the time they are 3 or 4 years old. You don’t see children running up the street, riding bikes, or playing ball. It is all about electronics.

To avoid these ridiculous expenses and likely detrimental behaviors that keep you working longer hours to make more money or turning to title loans to cover emergency expenses, let your kids find a way to entertain themselves without electronics at such an early age. Save the electronics for later when they need a phone if they are away from home, or a laptop for school. By doing this you can save more money for later, reduce the hours you need to work and teach your kids the difference between wants and needs.

Balancing family time also goes far beyond simply buying or spending less. It may just be the nature of your career that creates the challenge. If your career is demanding and tends to follow you home at night, it’s important to make sure that you leave your work at the office, so when you get home, the time you spend with your family is quality time. Put your phone or computer away at 5 o’clock and dedicate that much-needed time to your family instead of answering emails.

You can also make the most of weekends. Take the time to have family outings, weekend trips, a walk in the park or even a game of catch in the backyard. It isn’t always easy to stay focused on what really matters, but as long as you keep reminding yourself, the balancing act of family and work will get a little easier every day.

If a relaxing family vacation is just what the doctor ordered for your family, then make it happen. Take the time to destress and reconnect. It’s important to do that every once in a while, especially when your children are young. Before you know it, they will be grown with families of their own, and that’s time together you can never get back.

Have fun with your family!