Creating a Food Budget for Two

September 13, 2018 | By Louis Tully


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Even in the happiest of relationships, stress comes with extra bills that you weren't used to before. Being in a relationship means double the expenses, double the bills, and double the food. If you're already in a bind you need to get yourself out of, a title loan can be an option for you, but there are other ways to make ends meet without making trouble in paradise. Work through the stress of expenses together by coming up with a food budget.

Overall Budget

The first step in this plan is simply coming up with the budget itself. You and your partner should sit together and discuss the budget together to ensure all expenses are included. The positive aspect of this is, if both people work, you now also have double the money! And you know what they say - two heads are better than one.

First, be sure to include the most important things in your budget. This would be your home bills, credit cards, loans, etc. Next, include your second tier expenses such as groceries and toiletries. After the most important things have their money secured, you can truly implement your food budget.

Make a Grocery List

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? When we go into a grocery store, it's easy to fall into the trap of purchasing what we want, versus what we actually need. Writing a list of essentials before shopping can help you avoid major overspending. Make your list in advance, and don't go grocery shopping hungry. Write down the things that you know you'll eat this week. If you don't need it then, wait to buy it.


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Avoid Over-Buying

If time allows, weekly grocery shopping (rather than monthly), can limit over-buying. The reason over-buying happens while grocery shopping is due to buying in routine. If you're used to buying a bottle of mustard every time you shop, it's possible that you have multiple unopened bottles. Before you go shopping, go through your pantry and check off the things off that you already have.

Date Night

After a long and hard week of work, every couple deserves to treat themselves to a nice date night. But every couple has a different income and budget. Not everyone is able to afford to treat themselves to a steak dinner at a fancy restaurant once a week. Having steak dinner for a date night at home can be just as luxurious as a restaurant at only half the price. Limit yourselves to eating out to only once a month; you can save money while still having something great to look forward to!

Warehouse Stores

You may find that there are food items that you run through quickly and find yourself purchasing outside of your weekly grocery shopping. If you notice those items popping up on your weekly list, you may want to look into warehouse shopping.

You can buy in bulk at a cheaper price by doing your grocery shopping at a warehouse store. This may not be an option for every couple because there is a membership fee involved, so double check your budget. Make sure to account for the added fee and factor in the savings of those lower prices. If your budget allows, it may be a great option for you!


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