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Destination Wedding - Planning an Affordable One!

November 5, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

Many of us have those dreams of marrying the person we love on a remote island, on a beach, or somewhere far from home. You may be thinking, “I wish I could have a destination wedding, but it is just too expensive”. There are ways to make your dream wedding a reality. With these tips, you will be able to come up with a plan to afford the wedding you’ve always wanted.

Give Yourself a Budget

One of the most important and first steps of any financial planning it to come up with a budget. By choosing an absolute maximum amount to spend, you will have an idea of how much you will need for the wedding. Make sure the budget is something that you will be able to afford. We all have things that we want for our special day, but sometimes, it is just simply not within our budget and we need to compensate with something else.

Get to Planning

Start by using a journal that you will keep all of your wedding plans and expenses in. Make sure to write down categories of the main things you will need, such as airfare, hotel stay, venue, reception, flowers, etc. Put a star next to the most important things; the things that you are not willing to sacrifice. Although you may have to change some plans, there are parts of your wedding that you may not want to give up. That is okay. Don't feel bad for that.

Choose a Destination

Next, you need to find your destination. You may already have a state or island in mind. Search online for some bargain spots. Try to limit the amount that you spend on the venue because, as you know, there will be much more you need to spend on. You can also begin to think about your guest list. Keep it small and intimate. This will save you hundreds, maybe even thousands. If you want to accomplish your dream wedding, you would most likely splurge on the details of the wedding, rather than the guest list.

Other Ways to Save

A huge way to save on a destination wedding is to have it during the week. This will cut the cost in a huge way. You can save money on the venue, and also make it cheaper for rooms for your guests, which can allow more people to actually attend and afford your wedding.

Another Way to Make It Happen

If you are at a point at which you know you are completely unable to afford the wedding, don’t worry, you have another option. You can choose to take out a loan for the added costs of the wedding that are out of your budget. This will not only allow you to afford the wedding but also give you some extra cash to afford the things that you are not willing to sacrifice. You can do a Google search for, ”title loans near me” to see the loan options in your area.

Good luck with your planning! And remember, you’re planning for the happiest day of your life, so have fun with it.