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Fun Ways to Celebrate This Fourth of July in Virginia For Cheap

June 25, 2018 | By Louis Tully

Like St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July is another one of the most celebrated and eagerly anticipated holidays of the year. But whether you’re sporting Kelly Green or red, white and blue, it’s true that spending on both these holidays has become almost as budget-busting as Christmas. But if cash from car title loans is all you’ve got to work with this year, you may want to take it easy on the festivities. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate this Fourth of July in Virginia for next to nothing:

Go to a Barbecue

At this time of year, you can’t walk six feet without the smell of sizzling barbecue assaulting your senses. If your budget is keeping you from celebrating the Fourth of July downtown, why not call up some friends and see who’s hosting the barbecue this year? Barbecues are a really affordable way to celebrate just about any occasion. If nothing else, host the barbecue yourself and ask everyone to come over to your place. It’s cheap, easy and fun!

Find a Place to Watch Fireworks

One sure way to enjoy the Fourth of July on the cheap is to go where the fireworks are. Find a city near you that’s launching the fireworks this year and pack a blanket, a lawn chair and perhaps a cooler and head out to the show. These events are typically free to to the public and if you get there early enough, you could have a front row seat to the beast show in town.

Get Creative With Your Patriotic Garb

Every store has a big sale on American Flag t-shirts, hats and a host of other holiday accessories this time of year. But if your goal is to save money, it’s better to put together a patriotic outfit with clothes you already own. A pair of blue jeans, a red t-shirt and some white shoes should do the trick. But if you absolutely have to buy new duds for the Fourth, consider checking out your local thrift store before you go walking into Old Navy.

Stay In and Enjoy Yourself

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave the house to celebrate. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending the Fourth of July at home. Throw on some tunes, grill up some burgers and enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage from the fridge. Not only will you save money by staying in, but you can enjoy yourself a lot easier on the couch than shuffling through the busy party crowds. You could even take a walk around your neighborhood and try to catch any nearby amateur fireworks shows.

Follow these money-saving tips to avoid burning a hole through your pocket. Virginia cities are always hosting beautiful fireworks shows and they’re free to the public, so find one near you today here.