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Holiday Travel and How to Make Savings

No matter when you go away on vacation, it’s ideal to save as much as possible. This is particularly true during the peak of the summer travel season because you’re already facing all the other added expenses of having the kids out of school, including trips to the pool, extra snacks and summer camps.

So, where are the places you can find extra savings during your summer holiday travel? Here are three smart ideas to get you started:

Get a Part-Time Job

Whether it’s the peak of summer with back-to school shoppers or the dead of winter with Christmas in the mix, the mall and other brick and mortar stores are almost always looking for some extra help to navigate their busier times. If you can spare a few hours on the weekend or after work, you’d be surprised by how much it can help build your savings and grow your budget for traveling.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Just because spring cleaning is the traditional time of year to do some house cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t put it off a few months until summer. Not only will getting rid of unnecessary or unwanted items put your mind at ease, but it can also put a nice stash of cash in your pocket. Much like downsizing your home can help you save money, getting rid of unused items in your home also gives you back living space.

Do you have gifts you’ve received that have never even been taken out of their packaging? Use that gift receipt to return them for cash, or sell the items on eBay, Craigslist, LetGo or OfferUp. If you have several electronic items and appliances you don’t use or need anymore, you can make another homeowner happy while making your wallet even happier.

Get a Title Loan

While these simple ideas could definitely help bring in some extra cash for your summer travels, you might be facing a more urgent situation that requires fast emergency cash. If this is the case, you may want to explore the many advantages of title loans. This short-term borrowing option could put up to $15,000 in emergency cash in your hands today, even if you have a bad credit score.

Going Through Tough Times? You Aren’t Alone

Another option for summer travel that really doesn’t require anything more than time is the staycation. As more and more people find themselves feeling the financial pressures of our modern lifestyle, this option of staying put and simply relaxing in the comfort of your own backyard has become more popular than ever. And just because you are staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house.

Summer is all about getting out there and enjoying all that this beautiful season has to offer. Take inexpensive side trips to attractions in your area, head to the splash park or your community pool, or take care of some long-overdue household chores with the whole family to help. There are also tons of interesting things to do throughout the state of Virginia, so your staycation will be more like a “go-cation.”