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How Not to Break the Budget This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, how about taking a break from the shopping madness for the sake of keeping your budget in line? Rather than go on an expensive getaway or join the shopping frenzy at the mall, why not meet up with some close friends and family for a backyard barbeque instead?

After all, this holiday isn’t really about chasing deals and bargain hunting; it’s about spending time with loved ones and remembering those who sacrificed their lives defending our nation’s freedom. With this in mind, here are some ideas that are guaranteed to make this year’s Memorial Day celebration a winner.

Make It a Shopping-Free Day

As Memorial Day approaches, be sure to plan ahead for a day that includes no shopping of any sort. Try to come up with some plans that don’t involve racing to the stores and swiping credit cards all day long. Instead, think of things that you could do to enjoy the day away from the malls and outlets. Maybe visit a friend or a family member or host a Memorial Day get together at your place and have everyone bring a dish. Nothing says Memorial Day like a backyard barbeque with those you care about the most.

Create a Holiday Budget

If for some reason shopping is the way you and your family want to spend Memorial Day together, then be sure to create a small but reasonable budget that you can work with. Just because you’re out shopping doesn’t mean you have to put yourself into debt trying to get the best deals. Too often, we spend more than we should to take advantage of a “great deal,” but if we run up debt buying things we really don’t need, it isn’t much of a bargain.

Be a Homebody

There’s nothing wrong with spending your long weekend simply lounging around the house. With your busy schedule, how often do you get to enjoy quiet time relaxing and doing what you want? Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to kick back on the couch, put your feet up and catch up on some Netflix. Don’t feel like cooking? Order delivery and let dinner come to you. The money you’ll spend on takeout food will undoubtedly be much less than if you spent the day shopping.

Find Free Stuff to Do

Other than staying in, there’s likely a ton of fun stuff that you can do for free in your hometown. If you live close to the water, you could pack up your family and take a drive to your local beach, lake or river. If you are landlocked, find a nearby park to spend the day outdoors. Be sure to check your city’s event calendar for information on free Memorial Day happenings in your area - it’s a good excuse to get out of the house, have some fun and keep the spending to a minimum.

So there you have it. A few simple and effective ideas to help tackle this year’s Memorial Day weekend without breaking the budget. Don’t put yourself in a financial pinch that starts your summer of with the need for title loans to cover a financial emergency due to overspending. Plan out your Memorial Day celebration ahead of time and you’ll be surprised to find how much you can save.