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Look for Love With These Modern Methods That Make Dating on a Budget a Breeze

Looking for love? Playing the dating game is a great way to meet people, but if you’re not careful, it could also break your budget. The costs associated with regular dating can add up pretty quickly and if you’re not careful, you may end up blowing through all your money, bringing your dating life to a screeching halt. So before setting off for a night on the town with that next potential love connection, you may need to check out these modern methods that make dating on a budget a breeze.

Dining Out

Taking a date out to eat doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive undertaking. Save the fancy 4-star restaurants for down the road. For now, take them out somewhere more casual. When going on a first date, it’s best to keep things relaxed. You can easily find a variety of chain restaurants that offer a casual atmosphere with meal prices that are very affordable. If you two can “go Dutch”, that’s an even better option for keeping your overhead low.

The Movies

Taking your date to the movies is an age-old American tradition that still holds strong today. But if you’re going to take your date to a movie, avoid the IMAX and 3D options. Ticket prices for these showing types can cost up to $20 per person. Instead, stick with the regular showings. Better yet, see if they’d like to go out for a matinee. Matinee tickets are usually cheaper than evening for evening shows and you can use the money you saved to grab some popcorn. While you’re at it, why not split the cost of concessions?


You can always add some culture to your dating life by taking your date out to a play. It doesn’t have to be a Broadway production. Several cities offer good live theater entertainment that’s locally produced and affordable. If you and your date are into music, look up some local events that are going on in your area. Local-based bands are always playing shows at small venues, bars and outdoor festivals. A lot of these shows offer free admission and can easily turn a run of the mill date into a night to remember.

Daytime Fun

Dates don’t always have to take place at night. When it comes to dating ideas, there’s loads of daytime fun to be had as well. Zoos, aquariums, parks, mini-golf courses, bowling alleys and beaches are perfect venues for having a lot of fun without all the expensive trappings of the nightlife stuff. These activities are as much fun as they are affordable. Ask what kind of activities your date is into and show them a good time during the daylight hours.

Now that you have some budget-friendly dating ideas, you can date confidently without worrying about needing a title loan by the time it’s over. You may not always be able to take the cheap route on every outing, but with a little bit of practice, you can be a budget dating pro in no time.