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Some Cheaper Ways to Keep Easter Fun

Spring is always a wonderful time of transition and renewal. It’s a season where we can celebrate the long-anticipated promise of warmer weather after months of holiday stress, cold nights and short, dark days. Of course, spring comes with its own seasonal holidays, but they aren’t nearly as stressful as Thanksgiving or Christmas can be. 

With that being said, there’s still some money to be spent if you want to celebrate the spring festivities with your family the right way. Easter is almost here and your wallet’s probably still reeling from last year’s holiday spending.

Not to worry though, because Easter doesn’t have to be nearly as costly as you might think. Here are some simple and creative ways to keep your Easter fun on the "cheep":

Recycle Easter Baskets

If you still have the baskets from a previous Easter, use them again. There’s no sense in buying a brand-new basket that’s going to be left out for a day or two only to be thrown out or stored away. Use what you already have and give it a makeover with a few handmade decorations. It’s not the basket that the kids are excited about, it’s what’s inside.

Buy Candy on Easter Eve

Speaking of what’s inside, did you buy the candy yet? No? Good! Hold off on picking up those chocolate bunnies and jelly beans until the night before. Now, that may sound like a risky move, but it’s actually a very savvy strategy. Stores that sell Easter candy will begin cutting the prices on their candy the closer it gets to Easter Sunday.

To do this effectively, stores will generally start slashing prices Saturday evening in order to clear their stock. Rest assured, there will be plenty of candy leftover because stores almost invariably overstock on these Easter goodies to meet demand. By the eve of the Easter bunny’s visit, candy prices will be much lower than they were when they first hit the shelves nearly two months ago.  

Have an Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt isn’t just a fun activity for the kids, it’s tradition - and a cheap tradition at that. Those little colorful plastic eggs are dirt cheap and you don’t have to go crazy with the little prizes inside. Reach into your change jar for spare quarts and dollar bills and hide them inside some special eggs. Your kids will have a ball looking for these little treasures, and the cost is minimal.

Color Some Eggs

Another affordable Easter tradition that shouldn’t be overlooked is the coloring of the eggs. Buy a dozen eggs for $1.50 or less, some food coloring dye for a couple bucks more and you’ll have everything you need to start your Easter themed fun with the family. Just don’t forget to hard boil those eggs first, or your holiday could literally end up stinking. 

Eat Easter Dinner at Home

If you’re still paying back a title loan from last year’s holiday craziness, it may be time to cut back on future spending until things are back to normal with your finances. Easter is a family holiday, so why not treat it as such? Ditch the expense of going out to eat at a restaurant and put a ham in the oven. It’s cheap, easy and simple to prepare for a large group of hungry relatives. Spend quality time together at home with your family this Easter. You’ll save money and create lasting memories that are truly priceless. 

There you have it. A perfect, fun and memorable Easter is not only possible, it’s affordable.