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The 3 Party Hacks to Enjoy Saint Patrick's Day on a Budget

St. Patrick's Day is not your average holiday. It's a lively, fun and sometimes rowdy celebration of Ireland's patron saint. It began as an annual feast in his honor and over time, these annual feasts stretched out to areas across the globe. A variety of cultures now celebrate St. Patrick's Day with festivities including live music, food, dancing and drinking, all with revelers dressed in shamrock green.

While all this celebrating is fun and exciting, the money it can cost you can turn your green to blue in short order. Here are some fun and creative ways that you could celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style without blowing your budget.


For starters, you can't enjoy a celebration of any kind without food. The holidays are always a great excuse to ditch your diet and go for the all you can eat special. But that doesn't necessarily mean you should go all out on the food bill too. Instead of dining out, why not stay in and cook a delicious Irish meal at home? It's easy, fun and you'll save a bunch of green while making something special for your family.


If you're planning to go all out this year and decorate your place with some St. Patty's décor, you can do it without breaking the bank. Start by reusing holiday decorations from previous years if you have any. They don't even have to be specific to St. Patrick's Day, anything green will do. Next, check thrift shops, yard sales and go online for some DIY decoration ideas.

Websites like Pinterest and YouTube are loaded with easy and affordable decoration ideas that you and your family can work on together. Lastly, be sure to run out to the stores the day after St. Patrick's Day. Chances are, you'll find a bunch of leftover discounted green décor that you can save for next year's festivities.


On March 17th, cities all over country throw parties and parades that are free to attend. Even small towns often have something fun going on for St. Patrick's Day and your area is probably no exception. Check your city's website for information on any parades, festivals or fairs that are being held in your area and be sure to mark your calendar. Then, gather the family for a fun-filled day at one of these events. Be sure to check your community calendar for more information so you can plan ahead.

Budgeting isn't always easy around a holiday, but with a little creativity and preparation, you and your family can have a fun and memorable holiday without going over your monthly budget. If you're looking at title loans to help with a financial emergency around a holiday like St. Patrick's Day, put the above ideas to use and see how inexpensive celebrating can be.