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The Crazy Easy 5 Tricks to Make Your Thanksgiving Awesome and Affordable

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you need to go all out with the biggest turkey and a huge spread of side dishes and casseroles. You can have an awesome Thanksgiving dinner without gobbling up your budget by following a few simple guidelines. If you’ve been using cash from title loans to make ends meet, try whipping up a Thanksgiving dinner that’s much more affordable and just as tasty.

Fetch a Free Bird

Some stores offer free turkeys to those who are loyalty club members, while others have promotions where you could get a free turkey just by spending a certain amount within the promotional period. You could stock up on all the groceries you would’ve bought anyway and get a free bird in the process. Watch the newspaper flyers or call your local grocery stores and see what kind of specials or promotions they are running for Thanksgiving. It’s worth the effort.

Shop in the Frozen Aisle

Save money by buying frozen. Fresh produce always costs more, but the frozen options are often just as good when used in certain dishes that are prepared the right way. As long as you let them defrost fully, your veggies should come out just as delicious. Plus, you can feel free to stock up on frozen goods whenever you find a bargain because they won’t spoil anytime soon.

Skip the Cooking

Believe it or not, you might save money by dining out rather than making a full-fledged Thanksgiving meal at home. Do the math and figure out if it’s worth it to you. Some stores like Costco even offer complete pre-packaged Thanksgiving Day meals that feed eight people for around $80. So, before you hit the grocery store and start preheating the oven, check to see what your other Thanksgiving meal options are. You could end up saving time and money.

Ease Back on the Extra Sides

You don’t always have to get the biggest turkey and splurge on all the sides that traditionally come with a Thanksgiving meal. Ask your family which sides are their favorite and only make those dishes for your Thanksgiving meal. Half the time, people prepare sides in big baking pans that people barley touch, like sweet potato and green bean casserole. Save money by simply cooking less food. As long as there’s enough turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes to go around, everyone will be thankful.

Look for Coupons

Always look out for coupons from your local grocery store. The holidays are a prime time for stores to offer deals on holidays goods, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Collect your coupons and jot down your grocery list accordingly to save some cash this Thanksgiving.

Feel free to use these ideas to put together the best Thanksgiving dinner you and your family ever had at a price that won’t leave you needing more title loans. Now that’s something to be thankful for!